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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 28, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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i have grand kids. the community has to be served. >> reporter: you can show what news chopper shot from above. there was little salvaged. >> because it was an attic fire. it's going to be difficult to tell where the fire started especially because the roof collapsed. >> no one was injured and many of the clients are offered continued work. >> we'll be all right. >> we check with the code enforcement about the future of this building. they just told us it will be demolished on friday. we'll find out what else the business owners has to do to secure this area. lorraine blanco. three men are in the hospital after a triple shooting near a san francisco b.a.r.t. station. three san francisco men all on their 30s were arrested on multiple felony charges
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including attempted homicide. the suspects tried to rob three men outside of the mission b.a.r.t. station. an argument broke out. one victim told ktvu she's frightened. police caught up with the suspects in the bay view district. officers say the men tossed a handgun out of the car and rammed a patrol car before they were arrested. very late this afternoon, prosecutors filed charges against an east bay youth football coach who is now facing 16 child sex abuse charges. only on 2 tonight, christien kafton live in martinez, you learned what davis will be telling the judge. >> reporter: details really just unfolded in the last hour. we've learned prosecutors will charge edwards with 16 counts
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all involving sex crimes with minors. he was a head football coach in richmond. edgewood was arrested on what -- a warrant. he has been charged on acts of lewd lacivious on children under 14. there are multiple victims. this afternoon a source told me there are two alleged victims in this case. the prosecutor told me bail had been set at $2.575 million. less than an hour ago i asked the sheriff's office if given the fact that edwards is a former coach there's potential for more alleged victims. the sheriff's office says at this point they don't want to comment on that one way or the other. the district attorney's office told me that if anyone suspects
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that they know of more victims that they should contact the sheriff's office. we've learned that edwards is due to appear before a judge on these charges tomorrow. earlier today we tried to set up a jailhouse interview to discuss an arrest in the case d he turned us down. we are live in martinez, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. daly city police are looking for a man who threatened a man with a knife and stole his iphone. police are trying to identify this man seen on the surveillance video. he stole an iphone from a passenger. he pulled the victim from a block at knife point then took the victim's phone. the suspect was last seen running away with a second suspect. nummi on time performance is up slightly but it is still well below their goal. scott weaner requested the quarterly report.
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it has 61.3% on time performance last month and that is slightly better than april of last year. but much lower than the boater mandated goal of 85%. >> we systematically underinvested for years. munni also needs to do reform. munni announced plans to roll out 52 new bio diesel buses in mid-june. tomorrow, a new website will make its debut it's expected to have better tools in planning trips and will also allow drivers to track buses in realtime. one person seriously hurt was thrown from an suv in the south bay. our news chopper 2 was there at the scene in los altos this afternoon. chp tells us the driver of this red suv lost control while driving northbound. the vehicle rolled several times. one person was thrown from the
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suv. it's not known if more persons were threatened. a daly city driver arrested under vehicle manslaughter is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. paul diaz is in the county jail. he turned himself in five hours after he left this scene after h t car he was driving had its top sheered off. tonight the san bruno city council is expected to take another step toward rebuilding a neighborhood that was damaged back in a pipeline explosion in 2010. eight people were killed. several more suffered catastrophic injuries and dozens of homes were destroyed. many homes have been rebuilt and tonight the city council will vote on $9 million
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reconstruction projects. the work is being funded by a pge trust. a boy accused of planting a bomb in a school was arraigned in a jail cell by video. the judge set bail at $2 million. prosecutors say he was inspired by the 1999 columbine massacre. police reopened the school today. >> we owe our undying gratitude to the student who turned in the kid. >> the boy's mother says her
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son suffering from mental illness. the 23-year-old comments were disclosed before his first court appearance in portland oregon today. the incident happened yesterday on a flight from anchorage. the supreme court decided to stay out of a parenthood case. >> reporter: the u.s. supreme court declined to determine whether indiana can prevent planned parenthood from receiving government funding. >> a great decision for all americans because it says the government can't tell you which doctor you get to see. >> reporter: indiana is among more than a dozen states that have passed or have considered laws that gives money to
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organizations that offer abortions. indiana's president blasted the supreme court saying the decision censored taxpayers. >> we really don't want that kind of message being sent to our recipients of state dollars. i don't see why they can't do it. >> reporter: federal and state laws block the use of federal funds. the indiana law denied medical funds which offered other health services. the target of planned parenthood went to far say some lawmakers. more information on a boy who died in an irrigation plant. the corner identified the boy
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as 12-year-old jamel cartwell. one of the friends jumped in to save him but realized the current was too strong. fire crews pulled the boy's body from the water about .25 downstream. oakland has been tagged by vandals. someone tagged that building there on 12th street. investigators say it may have been done sometime overnight. right now no word on why the building was being targeted. shares for tesla passed the $100 mark today. they closed at $110.33 per share. that's up more 13%. tesla make it is all electric model s. it's also preparing to start a charging station. it paid off it's loan from the u.s. department of energy. new at 5:30, we spent the
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day looking for clues as to whether the bay bridge will open as planned. >> it's winner take all tonight in boston. the sharks need to win to keep their season alive and we are live in l.a. when we come back. >> and back here in 10 minutes t clear out there now but more clouds in the forecast. and maybe a little bit of rain in the morning commute. we'll see you back here in 10 minutes. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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the san jose sharks areless than an hour away from a winner take all game. they face the l.a. kings in game seven of the nhl play offs. fred inglis is live surrounded by shark fans. >> reporter: it's a beautiful day outside of l.a. staple center. look at all these shark fans who drove down to this game today. hard to imagine on this beautiful day that two teams
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from california are about to go in doors to play an important ice hockey game. staple center is the home to the clippers and the lakers. and hall of famer kareem abdul jamar are king fans these days. 0-3 in the western conference semi final series. but this morning they relaxed. just six teams remain. two of them from california so maybe the face of the nhl is changing. >> anaheim ducks are in the race. california hockey is representing. it's beautiful, how can you hate it. >> it's been a great fan for the fans, fans and for us. great arena, great atmosphere. >> when you see players playing
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with the passion. i think the person watching can't help but get a little excited. >> we helped the stanley cup camps in their building, everybody is watching. it's a great opportunity for us. really good opportunity. >> our sharks fans have been told to leave th premise. right now here's the facts. the team that scored first, usually wins. they're feeling good, we have the game and the highlights tonight in the postgame tonight at 10:00. reporting live at staple center. fred inglis. the soon to be new owners of the sacramento kings have won key approval. the nba owners approved the sale of the kings to a group.
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the transaction is expected to close shortly. the group is buying a controlling interest of the kings from the maloof family. the team owners blocked the sale of the team to seattle. 12-year-old aaron hern will throw out the first pitch. aaron was near the finish line in boston last month watching his mom run the marathon when the two bombs went off. both of aaron's legs were injured. some of the oakland a's visited hern in a hospital in boston last night when the team was in town to play the red sox. restaurant owners near the site of the boston bombings are thanking customers tonight for their honesty. in the chaos and fear in the moments after the marathon bombings, a lot of restaurant customers ran out without paying their bills. one restaurant owner figures he lost about $3,000. however, since then about a dozen customers have made good
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on their bills. and he says he's gotten almost half of his money back. one customer paid his $35 charge and added a $15 tip because quote it was the right thing to do. new information tonight on a major deal that could involve yahoo. the website says yahoo had made civil bids ranging from 600 to $800 million to buy the video streaming site hulu. yahoo is one of the companies that want to buy hulu. they are now focused on new premium services with additional content. -- pled guilty. the company entered the plea in san francisco federal court to misdemeanor counts of negligently dumping pollutants from wal-mart stores into sanitation drains. the company will pay $81 million which will also cover charges in missouri. three years ago wal-mart agreed to pay more than $27 million to settle similar allegations. a wildfire continues to
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burn out of control near santa barbara and containment could still be several days away. the u.s. forest service says the so called white fire has now burned 800 acres and is right now only 10% contained. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon and forced the evacuation of up to 6,000 me memorial day campers. firefighters conducted a massive aerial attack today. they believe it may have started from a campfire. another fire broke out near the magic mountain theme park. that fire began at 11:30 and spread quickly because of strong winds. firefighters say it has now burned throughout 55 acres and is now 80% contained. the fire did not force the closure of magic mountain theme park. fire fighters contained another potentially dangerous grass fire. it started near a neighborhood
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in semi valley. crews had it contained by 2:00 this afternoon. 8acres burned in that fire. here in the bay area the weather we're having today would have been perfect yesterday for me phor -- memorial day but bill you cannot really schedule these things. >> as we head into tomorrow things start to change around. it starts to warm up. of course it's the week it's not the holiday. we will see morning highs. this weak weather system to the north of us wants to slide to the north. basically just to the north but we're seeing moisture area. it's going to slide through the bay area as we go into the late night early morning hours. what that means is maybe a little bit of very, very light wet activity on the bay bridge. on the golden gate bridge. currently we've got a little bit of fog showing up in daly city. sunset looks like you have some clearing. the fog is going to work its way back tonight you knew it
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would. it's pretty warm out there. antioch got to 70 degrees. 77 in fairfield. so already warmer than yesterday despite the clouds that we had today. it was cloudy most of the day for most of us. the windy conditions it's breezy out there. 23miles an hue -- hour at the san francisco airport. these are pretty light for this time of year for this time of day. these are pretty normal. a pretty normal pattern for late spring, early summer. baseball going on today. first pitch at 55 degrees. it's going to be a cool night out at the ballpark. dress accordingly if you're heading out there. as we look at your forecast, we're going for a warming trend. afternoon sunshine and mild. daytime highs back into the mid- and upper 70s. it's going to warm up as we enter the bay area weekend. the high pressure system really
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cranks in. that sets us off for the end of the week. when i come back here we'll dial in the rest of the week. kind of chilly in the north bay. we'll trial in the rest of your week. we look at temperatures back into the upper 80s and 90s. when we come back we'll look at all of that. see you here. a train derails in baltimore. what it hit that caused it to derail and why a 20 block area around that accident was evacuated. a terrifying attack near a northern california college campus. who police are crediting with helping them to quickly catch the culprit. >> turning a disease into a weapon of fear. the chilling twist police say a man caused while wielding a syring. police are looking for this painting the surprising place it was stolen from. and massive tax breaks for strip clubs in california.
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a freight train derailed near boston yesterday. some of the trains 15 cars caught fire sending thick black smoke over a wide area. authorities say the train was not carrying any toxic materials that could be inhaled but even so they evacuated a 20 block area near the crash as a precaution. the driver of the truck was hospitalized with serious injuries. only two people were on the train at the time they were not hurt. two men in france are at the center of history in their country as they are the first gay men to get married. they say their marriage will be a symbol of progress in their
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country. but it's progress that is causing huge divide. tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of paris in opposition to that new law. police in sacramento say help from the public led them to catch a man who tried to sexually assault a woman near sacramento state university. less than two hours before that the man tried to sexually assault a woman near a bike trail. that woman was not hurt. east bay hotels and restaurants are showing strong signs of rebound. the hotel revenue is up almost 4% in the south bay and up close to that in san francisco in the east bay. a spokesman for the fairmont attribute it is silican valley rebound to business and leisure travel. >> so historically it's been a
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monday through wednesday business destination. and currently we've seen it continue to a friday through sunday destination. >> san jose has become more of a launching pad for people who want to visit san francisco and san jose. county supervisor chan was joined by a coalition of providers. they say the county can't stand to lose $300 million in health care funding that provides a vital safety net. jan says that even with the new national health plan she expects at least 100,000 people will still rely on county clinics and highland hospital for care. >> in fact, we do know in alameda county that there are 60,000 immigrants who do not qualify for any of the programs
5:26 pm
under aca. and estimate there are another 40,000 that will not sign up the first year. >> it will account for $34 million next year and $38 million in the fourth year. kellogg's has agreed in a suit. the company says it has since changed the message in its ads. if a court approves that deal, consumers may receive cash refunds for up to three boxes of serial purchased during the time that ad was running. so will it open on time or not? we look at the problems that have plagued the new bay bridge and whether that labor day opening is likely to happen. >> home prices up by more than 20% in parts of the bay area. why sellers have it good and buyers have it tough. ♪
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six major issues have plagued the new eastern span of the bay bridge over the last few years. but tonight the planned labor day opening hinges on one major problem. concerns of broken bolts are keeping bay officials to keep a commitment to open on time. tom vacar has new information about that long awaited opening. >> reporter: i've been tracking the bay bridge for placement since that project began. and highly credible sources tell me for now that labor day opening is on. we took a work boat out to the new eastern span of the bay
5:30 pm
bridge where normal construction activities activities continue. now on the signature tower, special welding crews are working on removing hairline fractures common to welding projects. but there's still the big problem. >> i think the only issue that we have to deal with are the broken bolts in the eastern suspension span. >> reporter: workers are working on installing a steel saddle. now there have been six major issues that have plagued the new span. three aáeu prose this year. first defective bolts came to light a month ago. inspectors found the hairline cracks in the footing. then there were concerns of corrosion on the very long extra high strength cables that hold the cosway sections together. last year questions arose about the integrity of the concrete. before the signature tower was erected, caltrans forced a
5:31 pm
chinese manufacturers to repair problem matter welds. and issues arose about welds inside the pilings. construction began 11 years ago. at this hour the questions still remain unanswered. when will the bridge open? the fact is only one factor is likely to decide that. >> the only factor that goes into that consideration is is the bridge safe. >> reporter: tests being done on the broken bolts shows that they needing to be replaced tom ktvu news. on the golden gate bridge a plan to move a movable median is now expected to be in place in less than two years. the bridge district says final paper work is now being done. and once construction begins it should take a year to complete the work. the project includes the removal and rebuilding of the toll plaza lane.
5:32 pm
the hercules plaza is considering buying the city supplier. it was funded 11 years ago and buying power from pg & e and redistributing that power. the municipal utility has been losing money. it's projected loss was $125,000. we have new information on the shooting death of a bay area man. justin hawkins would have turned 21 years old tomorrow. someone passing by found hawkins and was holding him as he died. officers are still investigating the murder but police say they still don't know why hawkins was targeted and no suspects have been arrested. three sonoma county school districts are on california's financial watch list. the department of education say it is windsor school district is in negative financial
5:33 pm
status. that means it's not projected to meet cash flow requirements. ronart park and west sonoma district are listed adds qualified. prmeet those safe en't thresholds over the same period. 92 districts statewide are in negative or qualifying status. the railroad is trying to sell 109 acres just north of the tesla motors plants we highlighted it here in green for you. it's right next to the b.a.r.t. green station. there's no word on the asking price for that union pacific land. it is another sign for the recovery. home prices have jumped by nearly 11%.
5:34 pm
in the san francisco prices are up 22% compared to last year. rising home prices in the bay area though are not good for everyone. >> reporter: when it comes to buying a home, bryan pernell of concord faces a problem many in the hunt now face. >> i was in a position to buy a home but now those homes, my realtor told me is difficult to buy. >> reporter: bryan has watched prices rockets and dealers have watched the homes lag. realtors pamela mitchell says high demand is pushing prices over the comparable in the neighborhood. >> there's 22, 10, 15 plus offers on houses out there that are for sale. >> reporter: buyers have it easy until they try to sell.
5:35 pm
>> they will buy again. >> reporter: she recommends buyers keep trying something bryan plans to do. >> i've been in my apartment for seven years and you know, i need out. >> reporter: mitchell says one of many these higher prices are investment buyers or out of state corporations that have billions of the dollars buying out homes now while the prices are relatively low. hoping to turn those around for a profit as prices continue to rise. she says that helps keep prices high and inventory low. in concord, ken pritchett, ktvu news. consumer confidence is up, the consumer index rose to a five year high of 76.2 this month. that's up from a reading of 69 in april. people are feeling more confidence about the job market and economic growth. that good news combined with the report on the big jump in housing prices we just told you about pushed stocks higher today. the dow surged as high as 216.
5:36 pm
but that rose at 16,409. the nasdaq was up almost 30. the s & p500 rose 10. a rare piece of art worth tens of thousands of the dollars stolen from an office building in n francisco. new at 6:00, the effort to get it back and why some knew the thieves knew exactly what they were going after. an suv goes into the delta waters. what we learned about the victims and how a 91 911 call could hold the key to the investigation. we brought you this recue of a mountain lion. why this soon may become standard procedure. ♪ ♪
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the san joaquin county sheriff office searched the delta near stockton looking for more possible victims of a crash that happened over the weekend. the chp says an suv crashed into the trapper slew early sunday morning. one person made it out safely and called 911. the chp says the caller told them there were five people inside that suv but now authorities say they have heard there could be even more. family members say one of the victims leaves behind two small children and a pregnant wife. >> it's really hard. it's not casualty. it's not just somebody passed away. it's a death that left babies. >> reporter: the man who called
5:40 pm
the crash in didn't stay at the scene. the chp may release that call to see if anyone can recognize the man's voice. the u.s. attorney general is being invest investigated over what he told congress. the house committee is looking into whether eric holder dried during his congressional testimony earlier this month. he told the judiciary committee he did not know of an investigation of a reporter. today the syrian emergency group released a photo of the senator with its leader. so far the u.s. has provided food and medical supplies for the rebels in their fight
5:41 pm
against azad's regime. california's apex senator may be at risk with law enforcement. why they want a change in the law that protects the mountain lion. a significant warm up headed our way. i'll let you know how much warmer it's going to get this week coming up in 10 minutes. new at 6:00, turning a disease into a weapon of fear. the chilling threat police say a robber made while wielding a syringe. only on 2. >> bay area police are on the look out for this painting the surprising place they are looking at. massive tax breaks for strip clubs in california. the higher practices saving them hundreds of thousands of the dollars tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. complete bay area news coverage. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature.
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it can be a life or death decision. a proposal to change how wildlife officials treat mountain lions after they wonder out of the wild. they could be forced to capture
5:44 pm
not kill mountain lions except in very extreme situations, john fowler has the story. >> reporter: right now the law requires that fish and game officials kill any so called threatening mountain lions. they are a protected species that live around the bay area. conservationists for now planning a survey here in the east bay to count the recollusive big cats. a mountain lion startled hogan. >> scared me half to death. he looked briefly and kept ongoing thank god. other wise i figured i was going to be in a bit of trouble. >> reporter: over reaction too often kills mountain lions when they wander near humans. this adult male was killed when he ended up in a pa -- palo alto tree. >> the officer thought he was a danger because he was in this community.
5:45 pm
it was shot and killed. >> reporter: two cubs killed needlesly, prompting a change. activists want to make the policy law. encouraging local law enforcement to kill experts such as the conservation fund. >> we are ready and trained to be on the scene, tranquilize and help redirect the mountain lions. we do not need to kill them. >> it requires a super majority. 4/5 of all assembly and senate. activists are now urging citizens to contact their local lawmakers. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. prolonged exposure to pesticides like bug and weed killers could raise the risk of parkinsons disease. scientists in italy came to that conclusion after reviewing more than 100 previous studies.
5:46 pm
the researchers said they discovered that exposure to pesticides boosted the risk of developing parkinson. previous studies had linked parkinsons to living on farms or rural communities. we could learn whether bans will be set on any new smoke shops from opening in the city in antioch. this comes after response of complaints and response from police who say they've handled about 100 incidents related to smoke shots. currently there are 12 smoke shops in antioch. while smoking in movies has dropped drinking has increased. researchers watched the top releases of each year from 1986 to 2009. the amount of characters using tobacco dropped but alcohol use
5:47 pm
increased from 80 to almost 145 per year. previous research suggests young people who watch the on screen habit are more likely to mimick the behavior. an asteroid will zoom past earth later there week. the moon rock will make it closest approach on friday but it'll be a safe 3.6 million miles away from earth and it's 15 times the distance between the earth and the moon. you won't be able to see it without a very powerful telescope. scientists do plan to use a very high radar telescope to study its range. barack obama and republican governor chris christie walking side by side on the jersey shore today. the last time they were together was seven months ago in the same area after superstorm sandy slammed into the east coast. today they talked about all the work that's been done since that area was devastated by the storm. >> you are stronger than the storm after all you've dealt
5:48 pm
with, after all you've been through, the jersey shore is back and it is open for business and they want all americans to know that they're ready to welcome you here. there's also a political side of this. christie is seeking reelection and for the president it's a chance to showcase all the help the federal government gave to fix the damage from the storm. we're looking at the big weather story is the warm up around here. let's take a look outside. we will show you the clouds moving in. the sun finally came out. we had an okay day. you see the green offshore. that's what we're talking about for the potential for a little bit of wet in the morning commute. not a big deal. let's look at down by the airport there, airport street you see foggy conditions on highway 1. we move up to
5:49 pm
pacifica, and linda mar you have fog. we go to daly city and that's lingering on broadmore. that fog is going to make its way back in tonight. this low pressure center tweaks to the north. a little bit of shower activity. a little bit of drizzle possible but then warmer. that's the headline. you barely notice it by afternoon the sun comes out and temperatures come up. move through the bay area microclimates, already in the upper 60s, low 70s as you move into the east bay. when we get into the warmer locations you're in the mid- 70s. you might even touch 80 degrees as we go through morgan hill and the east toward brentwood. that's the beginning of the warm up we're talking about. a slight chance for a little bit of wet this morning. here it comes and there we are about 5:00 a.m. don't change your plans. but when you get this much moisture. higher relative humidity slamming into the coast you're going to get some drizzle. you're going to get a little
5:50 pm
bit of moisture falling out. christie paulson is in here bright and early. it clears out, gets mostly sunny and pretty warm. temperatures back into the 70s. 77 in sonoma. almost 80 in fairfield. 79 in brentwood. 78 in livermore. you go just a little further south or everyone gilroy you can hit 80 degrees in some of those neighborhoods. the five day forecast looks like this. did i mention, i mentioned that the oakland a's playing the san francisco giants playing in oakland. i should get mark ibanez here to set me straight. they're playing in oakland. first pitch temperature will be 70 degrees. we have more information on that horse that had to be lifted from a well. >> they're supposed to help after a disaster why the red
5:51 pm
cross is facing criticism for how it handles cash donations.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
a horse that was rescued from a well appears to be doing good. today our crews dropped by the
5:54 pm
ranch. buddy has bandages on his leg but appears to be recovering fine. a crane was brought in to lift buddy out. the owner of the property is now going to put a fence around that well. owners of a festival say it may be shut down if they don't raise enough money. this year it's scheduled for june 15 and 16. features local art, food and music. but the costs doubled over the past 15 years and they need money for tents, security guards and other items. they say they are pursuing more sustainable funding for next year. the american red cross is coming under new criticism for how it handled money donated to help super storm sandy victims. more than $300,000 was raised. more than 1/3 of that still hasn't been used seven months later. >> they -- their on paper
5:55 pm
description is responsible for emergency care, not long term recovery. >> the red cross says that the recovery is a marren mar -- marathon not a sprint and it could take up to a year. the unidentified remains had been at the medical examiner's office but they were moved as a precaution just before super storm sandy hit last october. the office ended up suffering some damage. officials have now decided to keep the remains at a forensic lab building because moving the remains back could make them vulnerable to future storms. passengers on board a cruise ship that caught fire yesterday are now heading home with stories about what happened. the fire broke out on the royal caribbean's grandeur of the seas with more than 2,000 people on board. look at that it caused major damage but fortunately no one was hurt. >> we did not know how bad it
5:56 pm
was until we got off the ship. so that's thanks to the crew. >> we were sleeping. we were all sleeping it was about three clock -- 3:00 in the morning. >> passengers were flown back from the bahamas in charter planes. the cause of the fire is not yet known. we're now learning that the u.s. postal service is in even deeper financial trouble than first reported. there had been discussions about cutting back service and eliminating saturday deliveries but congress has refused to go along with those suggestions so the postal service continues to lose $25 million a day. now postal service officials say daily mail delivery could be threatened within a year. this all comes as a result of more and more americans using the internet for correspondence and paying their bills. coming up in two minutes a bizarre robbery in san francisco involving a man
5:57 pm
claiming to be hiv positive. what he used against a 72-year- old store clerk and the $2 item he got away with. and strip clubs taking advantage of state law hoop holes. how the businesses are using the law to cash in. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ]
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a bizarre robbery in san francisco involving a man who says he's hiv positive and the unusual item that he used to threaten the store clerk. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. police in san francisco are searching tonight for a man who robbed a convenience store using an unusual weapon. ktvu's eric rasmussen live in the city where he learned the weapon isn't new but it could be deadly. eric-- >> frank it was a hypodermic needle and this man said he had hiv. the suspect had just stolen a can of soda from this store on polk. the 72-year-old woman working there tried to chase him down the street but that's when he pulled out a needle and threatened her. police won't name the store but neighbors say it was here at the corner of polk where an elderly woman trying to stop a
6:00 pm
store owner suddenly faced a huge threat. >> they brandished at the victim. >> reporter: the suspect claimed he had hiv. the woman backed off and called police but the man with the needle got away. some who work and live in this city say it's a familiar mo. >> i was calling the cops because there was someone threatening people with a syringe. >> reporter: he faces similar threat when he confronted a man trying to kick in his window last year. >> these guys tried to threaten me with his blood. he was bleeding or something in his finger. >> reporter: they're looking for a middle eastern man, 45 to 50 years old, 5'tall, 195 pounds and has dark hair. whether the man is infected with hiv or not, is not clear. this man says keep your distance. >> the result is not good. in either case


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